Norwegians want research, but avoid researcher careers

Numbers analysed by professor Svein Sjøberg show that Norwegians have a positive, yet critical view on science and technology. In general the Norwegians are more positive than negative to research, but few young Norwegians want a career in science.
The survey Eurobarometer from 2005 shows that most Norwegians agree that "The authorities should support basic scientific research even if it does not result in immediate results". The Norwegians have greater confidence in university researchers that do inhabitants of other countries in the survey, but the trust towards the industry and its researchers is less solid.

"The real problem is that too few pick a career in science and technology. This is where the real challenge lies," says Sjøberg, professor of science education at the University of Oslo. Almost no 15-year old Norwegians mention scientist as their dream job.

Sjøberg‘s and Schreiner‘s report (Norwegian, pdf).

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