NTA Stakeholders Meeting held in Helsinki

The Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) annual stakeholder meeting took place at the Paasitorni Hotel and Conference Center in Helsinki, and this year’s topic was Nordic cooperation on ethical review procedures.
NTA Stakeholders Meeting held in Helsinki

The aim of the meeting was to identify possible ways to strengthen and support Nordic clinical research cooperation through the research ethical review systems, as it is a critical stepping-stone towards a common Nordic clinical research area.

Speakers of the day included Stuart Gander, Managing Director of at the Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm, Marjut Salokannel, legal expert, Jacob Hølen, Director at the National Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics, and Pierre Lafolie, NTA's Project Leader. 

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Nordic Trial Alliance is a three-year pilot project designed to make it easier to carry out clinical research in the Nordic countries. The past ten years have seen a decrease in the number of clinical trials conducted in the Nordic region. NTA is part of the programme Sustainable Welfare from the Nordic Council of Ministers and receives funding from NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Text: Tor Martin Nilsen