New high-level Advisory group on research infrastructures appointed

The NordForsk Board has decided to establish a high-level advisory group on research infrastructures with the aim to advice NordForsk on research infrastructure cooperation activities and policy-related issues. The advisory group will be chaired by Lars Börjesson, Vice President and Professor of Condensed Matter Physics , Chalmers University of Technology, Chairman of ESS Steering Committee and Chair MAX IV board.
New high-level Advisory group on research infrastructures appointed

Lars Börjesson

The advisory group is composed of members well anchored in both the European and international research infrastructure communities as well as among NordForsk’s stakeholders, which includes the Nordic research community. The group also includes several international research infrastructure experts. The final composition of the group ensures a broad composition in terms of scientific and country representation.


The group consists of the following people:

Lars Börjesson, Sweden

Peter Sloth, Denmark

Paula Eerola, Finland

Ingileif Jónsdóttir, Iceland

Solveig Flock, Norway

Vigdis Kvalheim, Norway

Juni Palmgren, Sweeden

Hans Chang, the Netherlands

Steven Krauwer, the Netherlands

Cherri Pancake, USA


The group has a mandate for a four-year period starting from 2013, and will meet on 25 October 2013.


Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk, says:

- Nordic research infrastructure cooperation is important, and the appointment of the high-level advisory group indicates that the expectation is that even more emphasis will follow. Therefore, the NordForsk Board needs good advice regarding priorities. This is crucial not least with regard to linking Nordic and international research infrastructures.