NordForsk hosts new organisation for Nordic eInfrastructure cooperation

The Nordic DataGrid Facility (NDGF) has constituted the framework for Nordic cooperation within computing and data storage for more than 10 years. Now, a new organisation on Nordic academic high speed network hosted by NordForsk will govern and implement these activities.
NordForsk hosts new organisation for Nordic eInfrastructure cooperation

The Nordic countries have longstanding traditions on collaboration within both eScience and eInfratructures, used extensively by researchers who work with simulations, modelling and data analysis. During the last years, the scope of the Nordic collaboration in the area of computing and data storage has widened.

These growing activities are of strategic importance to support Nordic research efforts. Therefore the national research agencies and the national eInfrastructure organisations have agreed to establish a new Nordic academic high speed network by 2012. NordForsk will be its host, also providing secretarial and legal support.

- We have great potential to collaborate to make an impact, and it is very important to have a well-organised national eInfrastructure of adequate quality, says René Belsø, Director of the Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and interim NDGF Director, - Together, the Nordic countries’ capabilities surpass those of Europe’s biggest countries in terms of technology proficiency and policy influence.

Previously this autumn, NordForsk initiated the Nordic eScience globalisation initiative. The links between the two initiatives are many, and they may even be regarded as sister activities. There is every reason to expect a rich collaboration between them.


Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Sundeip Arora