"OECD is wrong about Norwegian research"

In the recently published Economic Survey of Norway, the OECD claims that Norwegian R&D intensity and innovation measures are low. Now Norwegian stakeholders are reacting: "The indicators of the model fail to explain typical Norwegian features," says director of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén.
In the Economic Survey of Norway the OECD expresses its confusion regarding the paradox of low R&D intensity combined with "a solid institutional framework for innovation support."

"Weak arguments"
"The OECD allegation of low profits from Norwegian R&D are weakly motivated and contrary to recent evaluations of Norwegian industry-related R&D, says Hallén (photo). In a letter to newspaper Aftenposten he writes: "It is not easy to measure the value of research investments. Luckily, Norway has good scientific environments in this field. Among other things, a thorough multi-annual Research Council evaluation of industry-related R&D concluded that the profit is high. At the same time, an evaluation is being conducted on the system of tax deduction for research investments. The results so far show that our support for the industry are money well spent."

Other indicators?
"The OECD report underestimates the Norwegian industry‘s ability to innovate. Much of this is not easily measured by the indicators that OECD bases its evaluation upon. Norwegian companies are good at adapting and conducting market-driven innovation," Hallén points out.

Also the industry organisation Norsk Industri (Norwegian Industry, NI) reacts to the conclusion in the OECD report: "We strongly disagree with the OECD allegation. Norwegian industry cannot survive without research. We have many companies that prove the importance of research," says research director John Vigrestad of NI.

Read the OECD survey of Norway.
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