OECD Meeting on Global and National Research Policies in Oslo

EU’s Commisioner for Science and Research, Janez Potocnik, gives an introductory speech at an OECD meeting on research and innovation in Oslo 3-4 March 2008. On the agenda are the challenges related to recruitment, infrastructure, financing instruments and evaluations, imposed by the ongoing globalisation process. The meeting will look into the OECD countries’ policy development in these fields, and discuss OECD’s role.
 OECD Meeting on Global and National Research Policies in Oslo
Adapting National Policies to Global Framework Conditions
The meeting in Oslo will discuss the challenges that arise when scientific disciplines become increasingly cross disciplinary and global, while evaluations and financing systems remain national, to a large extent.

Globalisation affects the development of new trends and tendencies in science, and imposes changes on the innovation processes in industry. The overall aim of the meeting is to discuss and develop suggestions for innovation and research policy areas which the OECD should prioritise in the coming years.

OECD’s Role in Global Research and Innovation Processes
The impact of research and innovation on economic growth and productivity is increasing. Efforts in research and innovation may also bring new solutions to global challenges related to climate, energy, security and health. In this context, the growing economies, like China and India, will have increased impact on global economy and policy development in the future.

The Norwegian minister for research and higher education will open the meeting 3 March in Oslo. Among the contributors is research policy advisor to the American president, Dr. John Marburger III.

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