Ollila asks the Nordics to invest NOK 635 million in energy research

Jorma Ollila proposes to establish a Nordic research and demonstration programme of NOK 635 million and that it should be administered by NordForsk, Nordic Innovation and Nordic Energy Research.
Ollila asks the Nordics to invest NOK 635 million in energy research

The Nordic Council of Ministers commissioned Jorma Ollila, the former Nokia CEO, to conduct a strategic review of how Nordic energy co-operation might develop over the next 5–10 years. The report, Nordic Energy Co-operation: Strong today – stronger tomorrow, was presented 20 June and includes 14 proposals. 

Ollila suggests that a research and demonstration programme should be established, including a public-private partnership in which the participating companies add funding to the programme. 

He adds that research and innovation in relation to energy soloutions ought not to be limited by national borders. Size matters, and therefore it will be necessary to combine Nordic and national funds. The national contribution could be anchored in the national research programmes in order to ensure the link from Nordic to national level. NordForsk, Nordic Innovation and Nordic Energy Research will be the "instruments" carrying out the politically determined vision. 

In the process of drawing up the report, Jorma Ollila consulted a hundred politicians and other representatives from the energy industry and the public and private sectors, both in the Nordic Region and elsewhere in Europe. 

Read more about the report at norden.org

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Text: Tor Martin Nilsen

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