Open call within the Top-level Research Initiative: “Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere”

The Top-level Research Initiative is launching a call for Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) within the sub-programme Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere (ICCC).
 Open call within the Top-level Research Initiative: “Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere”
The cryosphere refers to the part of the Earth System where water occurs in its frozen form. It is a prominent feature of the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas, but extends over most of the Nordic region.

The main objectives of the NCoE-ICCC are to:
• reinforce Earth System research cooperation in the Nordic region and beyond
• improve our understanding of the cryosphere stability and dynamics
• specify cryosphere parameters in the Earth System models
• support science driven questions of high interest to society, science, industry and/or national infrastructure

The NCoE should increase the scientific quality, efficiency, competitiveness and visibility of Nordic research through enhanced collaboration between Nordic countries. A NCoE consists of prominent research groups from at least three Nordic countries. The aims of the NCoE are to support research of excellent scientific quality; create critical Nordic mass and added value; and increase the visible and attractive Nordic research in a European and global context. Participants from industry, policy makers and societal parties, should be included in the NCoE when relevant.

With the present call, applications are invited for NCoEs on scientific observations, analyses and modelling on cryosphere-climate interactions. Established researchers and research groups at academic institutions, research institutes or authorities within the Nordic region may apply. The main focus is on the Nordic and Arctic regions.

The five year budget of the NCoE-ICCC is 100 million NOK with the intention to fund 1-3 NCoEs.

The call was published 12 November 2009, and the deadline for submission of applications is 12 February 2010, 16:00 CET.

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Contact persons:
Senior adviser Michael Andersson
Phone: +47 94 16 85 47

Senior adviser Simone Heinz
Phone: +47 90 84 53 82

Photo: James Balog