Open call within the Top-level Research Initiative: "Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology”

The Top-level Research Initiative launches a call for Nordic Driven Research Projects within the sub-programme ”Energy Efficiency with Nanotechology”.
 Open call within the Top-level Research Initiative: "Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology”
The sub-programme “Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology” aims to improve efficiency of future sustainable energy systems by applying nanotechnology to the transport sector, energy conversion and energy use.

The projects are expected to be collaborative integrated research projects focusing on producing innovative solutions to technological bottlenecks. Active industry participation is required. The proposed project consortium must consist of participants from at least three different Nordic countries.

The following three research and development themes are within the scope of this call:

1) Nano-based surface treatment concepts for energy efficient transport and energy conversion, including coatings designed to withstand extreme and aggressive environments.
2) Nanomaterials for efficient energy conversion and storage devices.
3) Nanostructured materials for efficient light emission/light harvesting.

It is an advantage if Nordic user driven research activities are linked to other national, Nordic and international activities.

Funding and application deadline
The total budget of the call is approximately 50 MNOK over 3 years.
The application procedure is in two stages.
Deadline for applications to the first stage is 26 February 2010 at 13:00 CET.

For further information, please visit the Top-level Research Initiative website.

Read the full call text here:
English version
Scandinavian version (Norwegian)

Application form:

Contact person:
Natalia Grebennik, Innovation advisor Nordic Innovation Centre
Stensberggata 25, NO-0170 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 410 45 211

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