NorFA opens a new search service for registering and searching for research training courses in the Nordic and Baltic countries and iNW Russia. The search engine has been developed as a joint project by NorFA and the Norwegian University Network for Lifelong Learning.
The success of this search service depends entirely on the universities and research institutes, who are invited to register their research training courses (PhD courses) by entering the web address of the course site. NorFA hopes that as many institutions, departments and university teachers will use this service to register their courses, in order to make this search service a useful portal for PhD-students, teachers and researchers in the Nordic Region.

The search engine is a web spider that indexes the text on the registered web pages. The language of the search service is English, but the courses might be announced in different languages, which must be taken into account in the choice of search terms. To increase the possibility for finding specific courses, it is highly recommended to add some relevant keywords in English to the web page where the course is announced. In this way, the search service may become a useful tool in the research education cooperation in the Nordic Region.

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