Physicist Sudbø awarded Norwegian research prize

Professor Asle Sudbø was awarded the Norwegian Research Council‘s prize for outstanding research yesterday evening in a ceremony in Oslo. Professor Terje Tvedt was awarded a prize for high quality research communication.
The director of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén, praised human curiosity in his welcome address and went on to quote a three-year-old who once said that you have to "think outside your own brain" in order to solve problems.

Professor Asle Sudbø of the Institute of Physics at NTNU is according to the jury one of our time‘s most creative and productive theoretical physicists. He was awarded the prize of NOK 500 000 for his development of new theories on the magnetic abilities of high temperature superconductors and for contributing to revolutionise our understanding of the phenomenon of superconductors. A superconductor transports electricity without resistance and without loss of energy.

The research communication prize was awarded to professor Terje Tvedt of the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Bergen. He receives the prize of NOK 200 000 for his long-term research communication work, best to be described by words such as quality, engagement and international orientation. Tvedt is best known for his documentary series on the history of water, where he did both the idea, script and was the presenter.
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