Polar Year Closing Conference in Norway

Norway will host the closing event of the largest international research collaboration in 50 years, the International Polar Year. Thousands of scientists within polar research will attend the conference in Oslo in June 2010.
 Polar Year Closing Conference in Norway

Aiming at further collaboration
"The scientific ambitions of the Oslo conference are high", Minister of Education and Research Øystein Djupedal says. "The aim is to summarize the different international polar year projects and provide a basis for further international research collaboration in the field."

During two summer seasons the International Polar Year (IPY) programme will collect huge amounts of scientific data from the Arctic and the Antarctic. More than 50 000 technicians and researchers from 60 countries participate in the programme. The main focus of the IPY is to investigate explanations for and consequences of climate change.

Norway is appointed host for the closing conference by the IPY Joint Committee.