Policy Studies on Nordic Energy Research

Nordic Energy Research has launched NORIA-energy, a programme for policy studies aiming at strengthening the Nordic Research and Innovation Area in energy (NORIA-energy).
 Policy Studies on Nordic Energy Research
The goal of the 2007 programme NORIA-energy is to aid Nordic decision-makers in developing efficient policies for science, technology and investments in RD&D in order to support the transition to sustainable energy systems.

6 different policy studies have been initiated in 2007, each of which will provide recommendations on how to improve the Nordic research and innovation area in energy.
The six studies are:
  • Competitive policies in the Nordic Energy Research and Innovation Area (eN-ERGIA) (NIFU Step, Antje Klitkou, Norway)
  • Patterns of need integration and co-operation in Nordic energy innovation systems (Risø, Mads Borup, Denmark)
  • Russian energy research and innovation – prospects for co-operation on re-newables and energy efficiency (NUPI, Indra Øverland, Norway)
  • Industrial development and export opportunities for Nordic energy Industry and other companies in the energy field – a research project within Nordic Energy Perspectives (NEP) (Elforsk, Stefan Montin and Bo Ryden, Sweden)
  • How to bring renewable energies down their learning curves (Lunds Univer-sitet, Camilla Josephson and Cincia Daraio, Sweden)
  • Governance and Research of Nordic Energy System Transition (GoReNest) (VTT, Annele Eerola, Finland)
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