Potocnik congratulates the Nordic countries

"Congratulations, well done, thank you". These were according to EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik the only words necessary as he opened the conference Investing in Research and Innovation on 16th October.
EU‘s research commissioner Janez Potocnik congratulated the Nordic countries on their achievements in his opening speech: "There is little point in me standing here saying that we need to make sure we invest as much in R&D as possible. The Nordic countries have led the way in this area," he said, and mentioned Sweden and Finland as the only EU members that invest more in research than the 3 percent objective. Also, Potocnik pointed to the Academy of Finland‘s Distiguished Professor programme as an example to be followed.

However, the commissioner criticised the Norwegian government for lagging behind: "We need more investment in research. For example, Norway‘s percentage of GDP allocated to R&D has fallen from 1,7 percent in 2003, to 1,51 percent in 2005. Standing still is not possible in research and innovation. You are either moving forward or sliding back," he said.