Pre-announcement: NCoE in Food, Nutrition and Health

There will be a launching of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme in Food, Nutrition and Health in mid-August 2006, as a start of a joint effort to enhance the scientific quality and international visibility of Nordic research within this field. With co-financing from NordForsk and the national research councils, the NCoE Programme will run during 2006-2011.
The total annual funding will be up to 18 MNOK (approximately 2.3 million EURO) available for a five-years support of about three network-type research centres, the Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE).

The main objective of the NCoE Programme is to create Nordic strength by promoting scientific excellence and enhancing intra-Nordic research contacts, co-operation and mobility of researchers. Thus, a NCoE is a compact and well managed network of existing research teams from at least three different Nordic countries forming a virtual centre with common objectives.

Food, Nutrition and Health is a research field where the Nordic countries are strong. Distinct added value may therefore be expected from carrying out the Programme.

The individual research teams or units should show very high or excellent scientific quality. The NCoE Programme funding is intended to supplement national research funding and may only be allocated to costs for visiting professors and post-docs, for recruiting Nordic PhD-students, for researcher training, staff mobility, and to cover extra management and co-ordination costs.

When the Programme is officially launched in mid-August, the Programme Description defining prioritized areas will be made available. The deadline for applications will be around end of September 2006.

No expressions of interest are required in response to this pre-announcement.

Any inquiries should be addressed to the contact persons at NordForsk:

Senior Advisor Ellen Knutsen Rydberg (June 27th-July 14th 2006)
Phone +47 94 83 91 71

Senior advisor Harry Zilliacus (from July 31st 2006)
Phone +47 94 83 86 81

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