Pre-announcement within the Top-level Research Initiative: "Effect studies and adaptation to climate change"

The Top-level Research Initiative is launching a call for Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) within the sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” in December 2009.
The sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” focuses on investigating society’s capacities for adaptation in the Nordic region, and about the risks and opportunities in relation to the effects of climate change.

The aim of the Nordic Centres of Excellence is to increase the scientific quality, efficiency, competitiveness and visibility of Nordic research through enhanced collaboration between Nordic countries. A NCoE consists of prominent research groups from at least three Nordic countries, forming a physical or virtual centre with common objectives and coordination. Interdisciplinary applications are encouraged. Participants from industry, policy makers and societal actors should be included in the NCoE when relevant.

The Top-level Research Initiative intends to fund 3-4 Nordic Centres of Excellence within the announced NCoE-Programme. The total budget of the Programme is 90 MNOK over 5 years.

The Nordic Centres of Excellence will be chosen through a two-step application procedure. The expected deadline for applications to step one is beginning of March 2010. For further information, please visit the webpage of the Top-level Research Initiative at

For more information, please contact:
Senior adviser Simone Heinz
Tlf: +47 908 45 382

Senior adviser Michael Andersson
Tlf +47 941 68 547

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