Prospect of Nordic Heat Waves

The Nordic countries will experience more prolonged heat waves and spells of rain in the future, according to a new report prepared by the climate research institute CICERO and the COWI international consulting group on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
 Prospect of Nordic Heat Waves
The purpose of the report was to illustrate the impact of a two-degree rise in temperature on the Nordic Region between now and 2100. The study looked at the potential consequences of higher temperatures on the sea level, agriculture and forestry, fishing, transport, tourism and natural disasters, and identified signs that the number of natural disasters will increase, e.g., floods, bad storms and various types of subsidence and landslides.

The seal level is not expected to rise significantly, but even a small rise will increase the risks of flooding in areas previously considered safe. The report also states that rising temperature will increase stocks of certain species of fish, while others may disappear completely from certain areas as the water temperature rises.

Climate change will also have some positive consequences, according to the report. Shorter and milder winters will reduce energy consumption while warmer summers will benefit tourism. Heavier precipitation and stronger winds will improve conditions for energy production and a milder climate and longer growth seasons will benefit agriculture and forestry.


Download the report Betydningen for Norden av 2 grader global oppvarming

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