Quality-Based Financing Model for Swedish Research

The allocation of financial resources to Swedish research institutions should be based on quality criteria. This is one of the main conclusions in a report suggesting a new financing model for the Swedish university sector. The report was presented to the Swedish minister for education and research in November 2007.
 Quality-Based Financing Model for Swedish Research
Scientific quality
If the new model presented in the report Resurser för kvalitet is approved, the politicians will no longer grant research money directly to the individual research institutions. Instead they will allocate a framework grant to the university sector as such. A dedicated commission will be responsible for the further distribution of money to each university/ university college. The guiding principal for the commission’s work should be scientific quality, the report suggests.

Enhancing the Public Debate on Research Policy
University chancellor at the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, Anders Flodström, believes that the new model will have a positive influence on the public research policy debate. When university grants no longer result from bilateral negotiations between the central authorities and the institutions, the public debate might develop into a broad and interesting discussion on what principals and criteria should apply. Flodström also accentuates the strong need for clear allocation criteria that the new Swedish model entails.

Anders Flodström expects the central aspects of the new model to be approved. – The universities will probably accept a performance-based model, he says. The new system will enhance the sector’s credibility both among politicians and in society at large.

Read the report Resurser för kvalitet (in Swedish only)


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