Reijo Vihko honorary doctor at the Karolinska Institutet

At a grand ceremony in Stockholm City Hall May 13, Reijo Vihko was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Karolinska Institutet. Vihko, who is Acting Director at NordForsk, was honored for being a powerful voice in research policy in the Nordic region and internationally.
- Research has moved from the periphery of politics to it’s centre. I welcome this development. The reorganization of research locally, regionally and globally could lead to a renaissance for Nordic ollaboration, Vihko said, and mentioned NordForsk as an example of this in his speech on behalf of the honorary doctors.

- Creative research environments are among the key requirements for invention and innovation. Fourty years ago, when I received the most important part of my research education, this term was not very much in use, Vihko said.

Reijo Vihko is former Director General of the Academy of Finland, and is known for promoting elite research and rigorous scientific evaluation. Professor Vihko‘s research in clinical chemistry has touched on areas such as steroids in humans, steroid receptors, and hormone-dependent cancer. Between 1971 and 2004, he held a professorship in clinical chemistry at Uleåborg University, where he established one of the Nordic region‘s most advanced clinical chemistry laboratories.

Together with Reijo Vikho, Nelson Mandela, Sir Richard Doll and Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg were awarded honorary doctorates.
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