Report on Nordic Registers and Biobanks launched

Joint Nordic Registers and Biobanks - A goldmine for health and welfare research, was published in the middle of December 2014.
Report on Nordic Registers and Biobanks launched

Register-based research within the field of health and wellbeing has great potential for producing knowledge that can be used to improve the capacity of the Nordic welfare states. If properly coordinated, Nordic registers and biobanks can provide policy-makers and important actors with new, research-based knowledge.

Nordic register-based research has the potential to attract international interest and achieve a world-leading position. This NORIA-net has focused its activities on how to overcome existing obstacles that impede Nordic data sharing and has proposed ways of enhancing coordination to strengthen Nordic register-based research.

NordForsk’s preparatory actions are normally based on recommendations from Nordic Research and Innovation Area Networks (NORIA-nets) working groups, which usually include representatives of Nordic research funding agencies and experts within the respective target areas. This report is based on such a NORIA-net, whose mandate has been to provide strategic advice to the NordForsk Board on how to utilise Nordic registers and biobanks in a coordinated manner.

Read and download the full report.

Text: Tor Martin Nilsen

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