Research Collaboration on Transport and Climate Change

Sweden is Programme Leader for an EU research programme on transport research and climate change which launched a new call 31 March 2008. The programme focuses on evaluation of the impact of climate change on road infrastructure, methods for calculating costs and benefits of adaptation measures and risk management. Denmark, Finland and Norway also participate in the programme.
 Research Collaboration on Transport and Climate Change
"Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change": European road authorities are looking for project proposals that can provide them with tools to identify and prevent problems with the road infrastructure due to climate change. European countries’ specific parameters, for instance risk of flooding, snow and winds should be taken into consideration, according to the call text. However, the programme aims to identify a common way of estimating and prioritizing mitigation efforts and measures.

The transport research programme is a trans-national Joint Research Programme that was initiated by ERA-NET ROAD (ENR). The other European participating National Road Administrations (NRA) are Austria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom

The topics of interest include surveys of the State-of-the-Art regarding: data collections on conditions for roads and climate events, meteorological data, research and adaptation work on standards and specifications. Climate impact on road infrastructure is another topical issue: Research priorities may include direct and indirect effects of climate parameters on roads and surrounding areas (heavy rain fall, soft underground, flooding, erosion protection etc.), robustness of infrastructure, typology of unwanted effects and the need for upgrading various climate scenarios. The call text also point at risk analysis as a topic of interest.

The call opened on 31 March 2008. Closing date is 12 May 2008.

“ERA-NET ROAD – Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe” is a Coordination Action funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the EC.

Complete call text, eligibility criteria, guidelines and application form are available at the ERA-NET ROAD website

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