Research is the power source of our time

-In a globalised society, the engine of social change will be located wherever strong research is located. In the old days, businesses were situated near waterfalls or other sources of power; nowadays they are located near the founts of new knowledge.
- It is crucial that research and knowledge are used by society. Then knowledge will create employment, which in turn will attract investment, says Lene Lange, the newly elected Chairperson of the Nordic Research Board (NordForsk).

Lange is a Dr Scient. and Executive Research Director at Novozymes Ltd in Denmark. In addition, she is Adjunct Professor at Denmark’s Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL). She hopes the Nordic Research Board can contribute to the Nordic region positioning itself as a high-priority partner both in research and innovation, and thus as a region that attracts investment.

- I have faith that an organisation such as the Nordic Research Board will be able to establish some points of strength that will make a difference both in individual countries and in the broader world. The Nordic Research Board can supply inspiring seed money that can be used to further strengthen the areas where the Nordic countries have common national priorities, and already have talent and strength, she says. Lange sees research education as an important component in such an endeavour.

- Investing in research training raises the quality of our own research and thus also helps strengthen the reputation of the Nordic countries in the rest of the world, says Lange and underlines that Nordic cooperation is only one among several forms of international cooperation, and that the Nordic Research Board provides the possibility to develop new strategic alliances outside Europe. Lange mentions that she has worked in several contexts to strengthen cooperation with the new growth countries Brazil, India, Russia and China.

- The cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries is very important for all involved, we should try to learn that there are great differences between the three countries we inaccurately refer to as the ‘Baltics’, says Lange.
She puts great emphasis on the importance of choosing priority areas in the time to come.

- If the Nordic Research Board is to succeed, it is important that we dare to think big and don’t spread our resources too thinly. We have to dare to prioritise.

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