Research will make the Danish more healthy

In Denmark, as in many other Western countries, new eating habits and ways of life have lead to a significant increase in lifestyle-related diseases the last 50 years. Now the Danish Research Agency are investing millions of DKK on research on genes, food and lifestyle.
The Danish Research Agency‘s programme committee on food and health says:
"We need more cross-curricular research on the connection between food, health and lifestyle. The research will contribute to improve public health by promoting healthy eating habits and developing healthier foods based on new knowledge on the connection between genes, food and lifestyle. If we are to turn the negative pattern around, we need to know more about the connection between health and a number of bilogical, social and cultural patterns".

This is the porgramme committee‘s funding plan for 2006:
• 97,9 mill. DKK for The connection between food, health, lifestyle and medicine resistence
• 26,0 mill. DKK for Health actions against external influences and anti-doping.
• 26,0 mill. DKK for Bilogical production
• 2,5 mill. DKK for Research on animal ethics and alternatives to animal testing

The programme committee invites to an information meeting Thursdag 6th April at the Trinity Hotel og Konferencecenter – Gl. Færgevej 30, Snoghøj – 7000 Fredericia. Registration.