Researchers and the Media – Improving Relations

Nordic researchers are relatively satisfied with their cooperation with the media and the media coverage of their research field. A survey conducted by the European Commission concludes that “even though the majority of [European] researchers feel that the relation between scientists and the media is faced with complex challenges […] the relation seems to be regarded better than it is commonly understood to be”.
 Researchers and the Media – Improving Relations
EU Reports on Science and the Media 2007
The European Commission has recently published three reports concerning the relations between science, the media and the general public: the surveys “European Research in the Media: the Researcher’s point of view” and “European Research in the Media: what do Media Professionals think?” and the 2007 Eurobarometer “Scientific research in the media”. The reports can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Some “Nordic” Extracts Concerning Researchers and the Media
  • Researchers working in the EU-15 Member States (which include the Nordic EU-members) are more likely to find it easy to communicate their work to wider audiences, than those working in the EU-12 Member States. This is so because science tends to be more widely and better covered in the EU-15 MS’ media, particularly in Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Scandinavia.
  • Scandinavian, Finnish and Dutch researchers are among the most satisfied with how the media covers science in their countries.
  • Researchers working in Sweden, UK and France are also the most satisfied with the support they receive to communicate their work.
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