Riitta Mustonen Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland

NordForsk board member, Docent PhD Ritta Mustonen, is appointed Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland. The tasks of the Vice President include responsibility for science policy planning and the development of research funding.
Mustonen’s five-year term starts on 1 June 2007 and runs until 31 May 2012. She will be responsible for managing issues related to the Academy‘s science policy cooperation and international research funding projects.

According to Dr Mustonen, the Academy‘s key objective for the next few years is to bring the ongoing projects and planned development activities to a conclusion as well as to investigate how to best achieve the goals laid down in the Academy‘s new strategy.

Riitta Mustonen is the Academy‘s representative on the Board of NordForsk.

(Finland’s Academy homepage, (tinyurl) http://tinyurl.com/3dfv9l)