Scientific fraud stopped grant in Sweden

For the first time the Swedish Research Council stops a grant because of scientific fraud. A researcher of biologywas accused of plagiarism for handing in an application almost identical to the one his supervisor claimed to have written.
The young researcher at Uppsala University applied for and was granted financial support for a scientific assistant postition of biology but was accused by his supervisor of copying the supervisor‘s application that he had already sent in to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in USA.
-We reached the conclusion of plagiarism. The funding was freezed as soon as the investigation started and has now been ended altogether, states Björn Thomasson of the scientific fraud group at the Swedish Research Council.

The researcher himself admitted that the applications were identical to a large extent, but claimed that he had been involved in the writing of the original application in the first place. A parallel investigation at Uppsala University also concluded that this was scientific fraud.
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