SEK 500 million to save the Baltic Sea

A new private foundation is set up with SEK 500 million to save the Baltic Sea. The money is supposed to be spent during the next 12-15 years and the goal is to improve the environmental situation during this period.
”We will initiate multidisciplinary research projects, build research networks, participate in workshops resulting in advices to politicians and develop the experts of tomorrow” Erik Bonsdorff says. He is a professor of Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University and scientific director of the foundation.

The Foundation of the Baltic Sea will be able to fund large scale field experiments and carry out risk projects that not easily receive funding elswhere.

The Foundation of the Baltic Sea of Björn Carlsson was founded November 1, 2005 by the donation of SEK 500 million from the investor Björn Carlsson. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences administers the foundation in cooperation with Åbo Akademi University. The foundation started its activities January 1, 2006.

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