Seminar to gather Nordic stakeholder for exchange of experiences on the ERCs first calls

NordForsk will organise a Nordic seminar devoted to a discussion on the European Research Council (ERC) on 2 December 2008 in Stockholm. The seminar will take place from 10 -17 and aims to identify how the Nordic countries can further improve their participation in the ERCs calls.
It will bring together representatives of Nordic universities and research councils as well as Nordic ERC grant holders in order to exchange experiences on the ERCs first calls and identify best practice.

Nordic representatives from the ERC Scientific Council and from ERCs evaluation panels will give their view on how national stakeholders can facilitate an optimal process. Representatives of national research councils will present their perspectives on the ERC, discussing options for support mechanisms for ERC applicants, etc. In the same vein, representatives of major Nordic universities will present their view and experiences of the ERC to date. ERC grant holders will jointly present the researcher perspective on the ERC. The seminar will finish with a panel debate which will seek to conclude on how universities and research councils can facilitate a good and efficient process towards the ERC.

For further details, please see the programme.

Please register to before 21. November 2008
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