Seven applications for NCoE proceed to the next stage within “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change”

The Top-level Research Initiative’s sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” is now entering the second stage of the call for Nordic Centres of Excellence. 20 applications were received by the final submission date on March 3rd, and 7 of these have been invited to submit full applications.
These are:

• Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Project leader: Arni Snorrason

• Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems and Resource Economics
Project leader: Nils Christian Stenseth

• NorDapt
Project leader: Morten Pejrup

• How to preserve the tundra in a warming climate?
Project leader: Lauri Oksanen

• Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research (NORD-STAR) - The Nordic Centre of Excellence on the Integration of Adaptation to Climate Change and Adaptation to Climate Policy
Project leader: Michael Goodsite

• Climate change effects on Nordic Seas fish and fisheries: adapting to and implications for economy, management and society
Project leader: Sven Sundby

• Biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing climate
Project leader: Henrik Smith

The results of the evaluation process are expected in October.

Read more about the Top-level Research Initiative‘s sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” here