Single Market for Research in the Nordic Region

Thursday 1 November, at the Nordic Council’s session, the parliamentarians passed a proposition by the Culture, Education and Training Committee concerning the removal of obstacles for research collaboration in the Nordic region
NordForsk is a platform
Gunilla Tjernberg of the Culture, Education and Training Committee, encouraged the ministers to enter into a dialogue with the national research councils in order to remove obstacles for research collaboration in the Nordic region. The committee wants to work towards an internal Nordic market for research, involving coordinated call cycles among the Nordic countries and ultimately an introduction of joint Nordic calls.

– NordForsk is our platform for this kind of coordination at present, Tjernberg said.

Download the committee’s document “Medlemsforslag om å fjerne strukturelle hindringer for økt nordisk forskningssamarbeid” (Scandinavian version) The document also contains comments from NordForsk and the Research Councils and Research Ministries of the Nordic Countries.

(Finnish version)

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