Soon equal pay for equal work in Sweden

The differences in salaries between Swedish male and female university teachers are about to be leveled. This remains the case according to new material from the Swedish Association of University Teachers (SULF). "Equal pay is a question which employers now take seriously and which is high on the agenda," says SULF‘s Björn Birath.
SULF reports of a change in attitudes among Swedish employers: "When we first started analysing the situation eight years ago, we were met by strange attitudes and scepticism against the equal rights problems. Now the question is on the agenda. There has been a change of attitudes and the awareness has increased year by year," says Karin Warfvinge, SULF local representative in Lund.

Björn Birath, head of negociations at SULF, says there are no longer great differences in men and women‘s pay at the universitites: "If you look at each category, professors, lecturers, researchers, researcher assistants and PhD students, there are not big differences in men and women‘s salaries. And when you look at each academic field, the differences are even smaller."

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