Inauguration of the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR attracts international, regional and local attention

Professor R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC, delivered a message to NCoE NORD-STAR via video and the ribbon was cut by Ms Elisabeth Nilsson, County Governor of Östergötland.
Inauguration of the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR attracts international, regional and local attention

May 24th, Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) NORD-STAR (Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research) was inaugurated in the dome theatre at the Norrköping Visualization Centre C with nearly 100 NORD-STAR scientists, students, partners, associates and stakeholders in attendance.

NCoE NORD-STAR, although managed by Aarhus University, was launched with the Swedish partners at Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR), Linköping University to demonstrate the strength and equality of this being a Nordic initiative rather than a Danish center with Nordic partners. The location also allowed for timely focus on climate visualisation at the launch and at the workshop the following two days. This has attracted international attention across the spectrum of stakeholders.

Professor R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered a message to NCoE NORD-STAR via video and a ribbon cutting ceremony in the dome was by Ms Elisabeth Nilsson, County Governor of Östergötland. Dr. Sarah Cornell The “NORD-STARs” received inspiration from an address delivered by Dr. Sarah Cornell, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Top-level Research Initiative's sub-programme ”Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change”, under which NCoE NORD-STAR is funded.

Attendees included representatives from the water and insurance sector – important areas for future consideration as well as public and private representatives from sectors where NCoE NORD-STAR conducts research as part of its scientific plan.

Professor Michael Evan Goodsite, who also heads the Aarhus University Research and Education Centre in Herning (Herning AU), is the Center Director for NCoE NORD-STAR, together with Co-Director Professor Richard Klein of SEI and CSPR-LiU. On June 9th Dean Svend Hylleberg and Michael E. Goodsite - both from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences signed the NordForsk/Top-level Research Initiative contract which places NCoE NORD-STAR's Danish hub and headquarters in Herning, Denmark, an innovative interdisciplinary research center with educations in business and engineering and already existing strengths in fields complimentary and supplementary to NCoE NORD-STAR.

The centre is a joint Nordic research initiative aimed at creating a better basis for developing strategies and taking decisions that may contribute to the Nordic countries gaining competitive advantage and profitable, sustainable climate action and, not least counteract the effects of inevitable climate change.

- NCoE NORD-STAR will provide research that builds on the Members of the NORD-STAR management team strong position of the Nordic partners on climate change. This does not just apply to the strengths of the academics involved, but also the leading edge practice performed by Nordic firms. Everyone can and should be part of a solution to the challenges presented to adapting to a changing climate: from individual, to corporation to the Nordic Region. Now that we have launched – “ let’s get it done!” – as (now) European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard said at the COP15”, said Goodsite.

A key goal for NCoE NORD-STAR is therefore to develop practical and accessible tools to visualise the effects of global climate change. The tools may be used by both public and private companies in the Nordic countries.

Mia Landauer, NORD-STARIn addition to the Scientific Domain, NCoE NORD-STAR has a Graduate Training Programme which has already attracted leading international students and combines education and courses with the NORD-STAR partners with the opportunity to study and conduct research with additional world renowned experts and institutions globally and domain specifically focused on societal dialogue.

The consortium is made up of the following organisations: Aalto University, Aarhus University, Chalmers University of Technology, Linkoping University, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Project Zero, Stockholm Environmental Institute and the University of Iceland.

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Text leading image: NORD-STAR Logo projected in the dome. Logo designed by Einar Orn, Iceland. The 5 pointed star symbolizes the NORD-STAR partners coming together from 5 Nordic Nations to “Guide Adaptation”.

Text image 2: Dr. Sarah Cornell (University of Bristol), Chair of the TFI sub-programme Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) delivers an inspiring talk to the members of NORD-STAR and guests attending the opening. Photo: LiU Staff Photographer

Text image 3: Members of the NORD-STAR management team discuss the overall vision, science, graduate training programme and societal dialog with nearly 100 guests in an open panel discussion. From Left to Right: Prof. Michael Goodsite (Aarhus University - Herning); Dr. Sirkku Juhola (Aalto University); Prof. Richard Klein (SEI and adjunct prof. CSPR, LiU); Prof. Bjørn-Ola Linnér (CSPR, LiU); not shown in the frame: Dr. Brynhildur Davidsdottir, University of Iceland. Photo: LiU Staff Photographer

Text image 4: NORD-STAR visiting Ph.D. student Mia Landauer (Finland) from BOKU: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, informally speaking about her research on winter tourism and adaption in the Nordic countries with a guest at the launch. Photo: Peter Rathje, ProjectZero (a NORD-STAR partner)

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