Strong Nordic R&D Investments in Social Research

Public R&D investments in the social sciences are strong in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland compared to the EU average; but “internal” differences between the Nordic countries are significant. Public investment in research on renewable energy sources also vary a lot in the Nordic region; Norway is the Nordic latecomer.
 Strong Nordic R&D Investments in Social Research
The periodical Forskerforum evaluates figures from a Nifu Step-report on Public R&D-investments from a Nordic perspective, and emphasizes the different priorities concerning R&D investments in social research and energy research in the Nordic region.

Public R&D expenditure within social research are high in all five Nordic countries, compared to the EU average, but Denmark and Norway invest significantly more public money in this research area than Sweden do. This is partly due to Swedish national priorities that focus on medical research and research on military technology.

Figures from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Norway on the other hand make the lowest investments in research on renewable energy in the Nordic region. Director General of the Norwegian Research Council, Arvid Hallén, emphasizes that this is about to change: “Norwegian authorities are now aware of the potential of renewable energy resources, and will increase effort in this research area in the future”, he says.

(Forskerforum 6/07)