Successful Call for Joint Nordic Use of Research Infrastructure

”We are very pleased to see such great interest among Nordic researchers for joint research infrastructure ventures”, NordForsk Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist says. The NordForsk infrastructure call was launched as a new funding instrument 15 May 2007. Researchers in the Nordic countries have shown great interest in the programme; 54 applications are now being processed by NordForsk.
”Most Nordic countries are currently in the process of developing or revising their strategies for research infrastructures, and there is important work ongoing in this field within the EU, such as the ESFRI programme”, Hakamies-Blomqvist says. The NordForsk infrastructure call aims to optimize joint Nordic use of research infrastructures, to increase the interaction between existing infrastructures, and to share best practices in operations by making these more available to interested parties. The call also aims to optimize joint Nordic participation in the planning and implementation of European and international infrastructure projects.

The closing date for applications was 4 September 2007. With a total of 54 applications the new instrument is reckoned a great success. “The large number of applications submitted is a strong signal of Nordic researchers’ interest in joining forces at a Nordic level in the field of research infrastructures. This is very encouraging”, Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist says.

The projects include a large number of Nordic researchers within numerous disciplines, and all five Nordic countries are represented among the participating researcher groups. 21 of the main applicants are Finnish, 14 are Swedish, 13 main applicants are from Norway and 6 from Denmark. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection late 2007.