Suggest Nordic Competence Bank on Climate and Energy

At the Nordic Council’s meeting in Stavanger 14-15 April, the Social Democratic Group agreed on a number of initiatives concerning research related issues.
 Suggest Nordic Competence Bank on Climate and Energy
The suggestions span from joint Nordic research on the high dropout rate among Nordic students to Nordic cooperation in the field of space travel policy.

The party group also suggests that a Nordic competence bank is established, in order to provide the Nordic Council of Ministers with a complete overview of research and other efforts within climate and energy.

Dropouts in Nordic Education
In the Nordic region as a whole, a disproportionately large group of the student mass drop out and never complete their studies. A background document for the suggested joint Nordic research effort on this problem states:

The Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers has accentuated the importance of education in order to strengthen and secure the Nordic region’s position in a global world. The high dropout rate is one of the most serious problems within Nordic education in relation to the challenges imposed by globalisation.

Space Travel Activities
The social democratic group of the Nordic Council encourages The Nordic Council of Ministers to initiate increased research and development efforts within space travel activities in order to improve resource and environmental monitoring in the Arctic and the northernmost areas. One should also consider making data from the monitoring processes easier available to the other Nordic countries, the social democratic group says.


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