Sweden: 25 percent fewer young researchers

The number of new doctoral students in Sweden has decreased by 25 percent, shows new data from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education. The management of the Agency wants more state funding for young researchers.
"There is much frustration in the universitites. There is no other solution than more state funding," says Sigbrit Franke, University Chancellor and head of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

In 2003 there were almost 4000 new doctoral students in Sweden, whereas the number had gone down to 3000 in 2005. This decrease is observed within all scientific areas and concerns both men and women. The decrease is due to the fact that the universitites cannot afford doctoral positions for all new researchers, who therefore disappear from the universities before they have been awarded their degrees.

Sweden has earmarket SEK 2,3 billion to develop its doctoral training towards 2008. Now there is doubt whether this is enough:
"We are still among the top OECD countries. But it will take a while before we see how great the decrease in the number of doctoral exams will be. Researcher training takes at least four years," says Sigbrit Franke to newpaper Dagens Nyheter.
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