Sweden and Finland most innovative in Europe

Sweden and Finland are the most innovative countries in Europe. This is one of the conclusions of European Innovation Scorebord 2005. Denmark is also among the best, whereas Norway and Iceland have to see themselves in the group of “average”.
This is the fifth edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS). The EIS is the
instrument developed by the European Commission to evaluate and compare the innovation performance of the Member States. The EIS innovation indicators have been classified into five categories; innovation drivers, knowledge creation, innovation & entrepreneurship, application and intellectual property.

Sweden has above average performance on all EIS indicators. It ranks in 1st place for innovation & entrepreneurship and IPR and in 2nd place for the three other EIS indices. Finland has above average results for all EIS indicators, and consequently, Finland has no readily identifiable weaknesses except one: the youth share of the Finnish population is 18.6%, which is below the EU country mean of 20.7%. Denmark is one of the most innovative countries in Europe, as shown by third place performance on the EIS out of the 25 EU member states (for innovation drivers 3rd, IPR 4th and applications 4th). However, it is below the expectations of its performance peer group for knowledge creation, where it ranks 10th.

The EIS-report also shows that the gap between the US and Europe still exists. The US is far ahead, which is also the case with Japan, where the gap is also increasing.

Read the report online here
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