Sweden and Norway Intensify Collaboration in the High North

The Norwegian and Swedish governments enhance co-operation in the Barents region and aim to improve collaboration between universities and research communities in the high north. Subject areas such as fisheries, sustainable administration of the environment and the natural resources, security policy, petroleum extraction and nuclear safety are prioritised.
Sweden and Norway have prepared a joint reference document in order to develop the best possible collaboration between the two countries in the Barents region. Read the strategy document here. (Available in Swedish only.)

The Barents region face severe challenges concerning the economic potential of oil extraction, given the need to preserve unique natural resources and the collaborating countries’ ambition to be frontrunners in international climate policy. Norway is chair of the Arctic council this period, while Denmark and Sweden take over the chairmanship the coming two periods. The three countries have jointly selected sustainable exploitation of natural resources as their top priority.

Co-operation between universities and research communities in the region, through knowledge exchange and student/ researcher mobility, are important strategies in order to ensure increased knowledge and fruitful development in the high north. Research funding is a severe challenge for the industry related and private research activities in the north.
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