Sweden awards too many doctoral degrees

Numbers from the Swedish Research Council show that each year Sweden awards three times as many doctoral degrees as needed in Swedish universities. Poor political planning, says Carolina Saf of the Swedish doctoral students‘ association.
Two out of three doctors will have to find jobs outside academia. The doctoral students‘ association warns that the researcher training might hide what could otherwise have been unemployment among people with university degrees. Chair Carolina Saf of the doctoral students‘ association stresses that there are no guidelines on how to teach the doctoral students to sell their competence to the industry. "Neither is there any practical cooperation with the industry within the frames of researcher training. One could imagine seminars and other events where the doctoral students could position themselves and their competence towards the industry, but there is no such thing."

Political planning
Saf also points out a lack of political planning: "I think it is embarassing to have a government that keeps educating people for unemployment," she says.
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