Sweden First Nordic Country to Grant National Support after ERCs Starting Grant Award

On 18 June 2008, the Swedish Research Council launched a funding initiative to support the six unfunded Swedish projects which all passed the European Research Council’s (ERC) quality threshold.
 Sweden First Nordic Country to Grant National Support after ERCs Starting Grant Award
Sweden thus becomes the first among the Nordic countries to follow up the national initiatives of France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain after the award of ERC’s Starting Independent Researcher Grants. These five countries offer the possibility for financial support to finalists of the first ERC Starting Grant competition whose proposals cannot be funded by the ERC due to budgetary constraints.

The ERC received more than 9000 applications for its first call in April 2007. The international competition was thus extremely hard. – The national initiatives show that the national research financiers acknowledge the value and significance of international peer review processes like the one carried out by the ERC, says Director General of the Swedish Research Council, Pär Omling.

Through a specific simplified call, six Swedish researchers, who all
passed the ERC quality threshold, can apply for up to 2 Million SEK a year. Funding will be provided for the coming five years.

The six researchers are: Fredrik Bäckhed from Gothenburg University, Jonas Larsson from Lund University, Nathaniel Robinson from Linköping University and Anna Krook, Jonas Muhr and Qiang Pan Hammarström from Karolinska Institutet.

The next ERC Starting Grant call for proposals will be announced this summer.

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