Sweden goes after more Nobel Prices

Sweden puts an extra 250 million € into research as a result of a recent parliamentary agreement on next years budget. “We will put the extra money in medical and technical research”, says Minister of Education and Research Thomas Östros to Swedish Radio.
Sweden might be one of the worlds leading in clinical medical research, but other countries are trying to catch up and become even better than we are. As a small country, we must dare to choose in order to participate in the international competition.

The Minister of Education and Research sees research as an important part in developing a Sweden for the future.

“It’s very important for Sweden to attract new knowledge, foreign investments and talented young people. These are all elements in Sweden’s strategy for the future”, Östros says. Later this year the Government is going to present its proposal for research policy for the coming four years.

But already now, Östros focuses on medical and technical research. That is where growth and new jobs can be created. Arts and humanities, and social sciences will remain at the same level of granting as now. The Swedish state puts almost 2 billion € into civil research each year. Now this amount is going to increase with 250 million € to 2008. Other priority areas are improving conditions of young scientists and a long-term funding of excellent research communities.

“Of course Sweden must have the ambition of receiving future Nobel prices. In order to do so, we need to focus more on research, and I’m glad we are able to do that now”, Thomas Östros says.

Listen to the intervju woth Thomas Östros on the web site of Swedish Radio
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