Sweden launches plant programmes

Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning spends 12 million SEK on research in plant development together with the Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research. Also, Formas spends 24 million SEK on forest rejuvenation in cooperation with the wood industry.
Plant development is a long-term work that needs long-term efforts. Today only a few researchers are involved in non-commercial plant development and plant development in regions with poor conditions. This compentency is needed in order to maintain the status through changing environmental conditions.

When it comes to forest research, Formas lauches a programme of 24 million SEK on research, development and research communication in the period 2006-2009. The programme covers everything from research, methods development and communication to practical implementation in the forest industry. The need for such a research programme was clear after the storm Gudrun which destroyed great parts of Southern Sweden in January 2005.
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