Sweden makes highest R&D investments

Sweden has the highest relative investments in R&D of the Nordic countries, when both public sector and business enterprises are counted in. While Sweden invested 3.7 % of GDP in R&D, Norway granted only 1.62 % of GDP.
Preliminary figures show that the R&D investments in Finland made 3.5 % of GDP, and 2.6 % in Denmark. The average of EU 15 was 1.95 % for 2004, which is slightly lower than for 2003.

Sweden had a minor decrease in relative R&D activity from 2003 to 2004. Norways decrease, however, was significant, from 1.73 % for 2003 to 1.62 % for 2003. This is explained by a strong growth of GDP by 8.5 %.

It is the R&D-share for the business enterprise sector that falls for Norway. For 2004 the share is 0.75 per cent of total GDP, while the share in 2003 was 0.85. By including the research institutes serving the industry the share raise to 0.89 per cent. The corresponding proportions in Sweden, Finland and Denmark were 2.75 per cent, 2.46 per cent and 1.81 per cent for 2004.

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