Sweden strengthens stem cell research

Sweden‘s government wants the Swedish Research Council to strengthen stem cell research: "When USA and large parts of Europe are working against stem cell research Sweden has a great responsibility for millions of patients and their families, says research minister Leif Pagrotsky.
Pagrotsky (Labour Party) says that diseases such as Parkinson‘s, Alzheimer‘s, diabetes and heart conditions might be treated through stem cell research.

"The Christian democrats are obviously against stem cell research. The Christian democrats are the driving forces behind the European objections to this research, and the Norwegian government lead by a small Christian democratic party prohibited stem cell research in 2003," Pagrotsky points out.

The commission is to analyse the development in the stem cell area, inform Swedish researchers of the situation and where to apply for funding.

The background for this Swedish investment is the past month‘s turbulence regarding financing of stem cell research, both in the EU‘s 7th Framework and in the USA. The Swedish Research Council will spend 1 million SEK on the commission. The crisis of the financing of stem cell research under EU‘s 7th Framework was avoided in July when Germany, Luxembourg and Italy decided to back a compromise granting that no human embyos be distroyed in the research financed through the Framework programme.
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