Sweden world-leading despite decrease

A total of 3,8 percent of Swedish GDP goes to research, shows new numbers from Statistics Sweden. In 2001, the percentage was 4,3. "It is clear that Sweden must increase its research volume," says State Secretary Peter Honeth.
Esko-Olovi Seppälä from the Finnish Council for science and technology recently said at a conferanse about international trends that Finland‘s goal for 2010 is 4 percent. "Naturally, Sweden must increase its research volume, but the percentage of GDP is not central, since GDP keeps changing," said State Secretary Peter Honeth (photo) to magazine Tentakel.

Even if Sweden‘s GDP percentage for research is declining, Sweden still ranks among the best in the world regarding investments in research. The EU goal is at least 3 percent of GDP to research by 2010, and the average today is about 1,75 percent. The OECD survey Main Science and Technology Indicators 2006/2 places Sweden in the lead, followed by Finland, Japan, Switzerland and Iceland. Israel scores 5 percent, but this includes all military related research.