Swedish researchers debate new regulations on research animals

New proposals for stricter regulations on research animals makes Swedish researchers react. Some think that the regulations might make it more difficult to conduct research in Sweden.
In Sweden approximately 300.000 research animals are used in reseach each year. The proposals for new regulations are not welcomed by the research comunity:
"Sweden already has strict regulations on animal welfare. That is good, and we want to keep it that way. But if the proposals are accepted, the risk is that the regulations become less clear, more difficult and will demand more administration", says Karin Forsberg Nilsson, deputy secretary general for the area of medicine in the Swedish Research Council.

"Among other things the authorities suggest that the question of prohibiting hormones for research animals is not to be managed through the animal welfare system but instead through regulations. But this question is so central in biomedical research that it should be managed at the highest level possible and not through regulations", she adds.
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