Technical universities ready to play a more important European role

The leading technical universities are ready to take on a bigger responsibility and a more important role in order to improve the competitive strength and innovation in Europe. This is the message from the 20th General Meeting and seminar in CESAER - the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research. – We can learn from each other across borders, stated Anette Kolmos, professor at Aalborg University.
The main theme of the seminar, arranged by Aalborg University, was the need for modernization of the universities. – We have emphasized the relationship between innovation, research and education. Innovation is not only about research and business collaboration, even if this is the area which is granted most attention. Education is an equally important part, and when our students collaborate with businesses as an important part of their education, this also brings knowledge out to the business, explained the Vice Dean of the Engineering faculty at Aalborg University, Lars Døvling Andersen.

Meeting points
Vice President in CESAER, Rector Karin Markides from Chalmers University of Technology, concluded that the universities have the potential to take on the role as centres of the reinforced innovation effort, requested by the European Commission. - We will consider how we educate and teach entrepreneurs, and how we can bring various interests together. When different cultures work together, someone must take on the role as host and leader. Many companies are interested in collaboration and open innovation, creating a joint starting point which later opens up for competition. We can make this kind of collaboration available for industry and commerce by letting the universities be a natural meeting point, urged Karin Markides.

- Reference: Nyt fra Aalborg Universitet, November 2nd 2009
- Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research:
- Photo: Anette Kolmos, Professor at Aalborg University.
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