Ten graduate school proposals to hand in final application

10 of the proposals for graduate schools in the humanities and social sciences have now been elected to hand in a final application. Five of the ten will be granted. Read more about the process.
As part of a new five-year initiative regarding Nordic graduate schools NorFA called for proposals from Nordic research environments within the humanities and social sciences last summer (2002). NorFa received 57 proposals in total. Based on the reviews of external experts and the proposals of a Nordic reference group the NorFA board has elected the following ten proposals:

Helander, Eila: Nordic School in Sociology of Religion
Grevholm, Barbro: Nordisk forskarskola i matematikdidaktik
Hettne, Björn: NorfAsia Research School in Asian Studies
Maskell, Peter: Nordic Graduate School on Industrial Dynamics
Hannestad, Lise: Nordisk Arkæologisk Forskerskole
Knudsen, Susanne V.: Nordisk Forskerskole i Tværvidenskabelig Kønsforskning
Cooper, Robin: Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology
Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole: Interdisciplinary Nordic Research School on "Global Change-Northern Challanges"
Persson, Olle: Nordic Research School in Library and Information Science
Wasson, Barbara: Research and Design of Interactive Learning Environments

These proposals cover a wide spectrum of fields within the humanities and social sciences and the proposed participants cover all Nordic countries, the adjacent areas and other countries.
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