The Chair comments on NordForsk’s aims

– The Nordic Centres of Excellence-programme has been evaluated and is deemed very successful, but the financial model is a bit slow and lacks flexibility. The NordForsk grants shall be made more flexible and be based on bottom-up processes, the NordForsk chair Kari Kveseth says in an interview with 25. May 2007.
 The Chair comments on NordForsk’s aims
This way Kveseth “introduces” the three new financial instruments that NordForsk launched 15 May 2007: a PhD-mobility program on stem cells, a Nordic program for research infrastructure and NORIA-net, based on the ERA-net model. Read more about the calls here.

–NordForsk’s instruments and strategies in 2007 and 2008 must prove successful. This is decisive and it looks very promising.

Concerning Nordic collaboration and her own role as NordForsk’s chair, Kveseth says that she believes the potential of Nordic collaboration is underestimated as a strategic shortcut to enhanced internationalisation. – My task is to ensure successful implementation of the NordForsk strategies and to influence the Nordic organisations in questions of funding and awareness of the NordForsk initiatives. Being the representative of the Norwegian Research Council, I will also work to enhance our advisors’ interest in Nordic collaboration and the new coordinating initiatives.

Read the Kari Kveseth interview here (Norwegian only).

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