The Danish government focuses on research and education

When Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke at the opening of the Danish parliament, Folketinget, the big issue was research and development. The Prime Minister committed Denmark to the Barcelona intent, which was adopted by the EU in 2002.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen focused on the government’s consideration of the struggle for future jobs, saying that next spring, the government will present a several-year plan for Denmark as the leading knowledge and entrepreneuring nation.

The goal is the same as the one to which Denmark committed itself two and a half years ago as part of the EU‘s Lisbon process: to increase investment in research and development to three per cent of the gross domestic product by 2010.

”Our goal is that both public and private establishments will increase their investment in research and development, so that in 2010 we will reach an amount corresponding to more than three per cent of the country’s total production, that is, our gross domestic product", the Prime Minister said.

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